Teaching aids and games teach concepts in memorable ways. Use them to engage your students in private lessons and to liven up your group lessons. Each one comes with instructions for several activities and games. All the materials are integrated, and can be used individually or with others. This strengthens your teaching approach as you teach and reinforce concepts.

Notes That Fly, Notes That Swim

Notes That Fly, Notes That Swim - Grand Staff Poster

13x19 poster. $12.99

Mobile Notes

Mobile Notes - sized to fit Notes That Fly, Notes That Swim and Paper Piano

10 note icons. $3.99

Paper Piano

Paper Piano - bonus game included

6½ x 19 poster. $9.99

iCue Memory Prompt Cards

iCue Memory Prompt Cards - bonus game included

10 cards. $6.99

Animal Alphabet Cards

Animal Alphabet Cards - card displays one letter of the music alphabet

24 cards. $6.99

Notes That Count

Notes That Count - card is sized in proportion to the length of its note

42 cards. $9.99


Rhythmania - card displays a rhythm in clear, easy-to-read notation

50 rhythm cards. $9.99

Puddles and Sticks

Puddles and Sticks - creates a graphic picture of the lines and spaces

Floor puzzle. $29.99

Sight Bright Flashcards

Sight Bright Flashcards - rhythm values, time signatures, and more

40 cards, 9 in color. $3.99


WordScramble - fun, challenging sight and ear games

15 pink, 15 yellow cards and 1 notepad. $7.99