The Color Collection

Piano Solos/Collection

10 Expressive Piano Pieces to Color Your Days

Early intermediate to late intermediate Piano Solos with Optional Duets, Grades 3-7.

Express yourself! No matter who you are or how you feel there is a piece to capture your mood. The Color Collection offers many opportunities to explore how music can express the way you feel. Gray Day is "for slow days when you wear your pajamas all day," and Yellow Boots is "for friends who splash in puddles of sunshine together." This book is fast becoming a favorite of studio recitals and music festivals.

The Color Collection

9x12 book size, paperback color cover, 20 pages. $14.99

Orange Juice ~ Maxner
Latin | Grade 2 | Score sample PDF

Gray Day ~ Maxner
Impressionist | Grade 3 | Score sample PDF

Blue Train ~ Maxner
Blues | Grade 2 | Score sample PDF

Purple Mystery ~ Maxner
Movie Theme | Grade 2 | Score sample PDF

Yellow Boots ~ Maxner
Ragtime | Grade 3 | Score sample PDF

Black Light ~ Maxner
Impressionist | Grade 4 | Score sample PDF

Green Shade ~ Maxner
Jazz | Grade 5 | Score sample PDF

Red Line ~ Maxner
Boogie | Grade 5 | Score sample PDF

White Drift ~ Maxner
Impressionist | Grade 6 | Score sample PDF

Rainbow Swirl ~ Maxner
Impressionist | Grade 8 | Score sample PDF